IOC54 International Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry

Schröcken - Körbersee


2009, December 11 - 16, IOC54, Introductory O2k-Course on High-Resolution Respirometry. Hotel Körbersee, Schröcken, Austria 

Including a basic introduction to the O2k, hands-on practise with the instrument and the software DatLab 4.3, discussions on respiratory protocols, and an overview of the O2k-MultiSensor system. 

IOC54 - Feedback

IOC54 - should be called 'International Oxygraph-2k Conference'.


'I thank you for hosting a fun and informative workshop. I made many friends and the general atmosphere was very good. The workshop was succesful because of the participants as much as the tutors, administration/activity schedule, and beautiful country. However, the key to success was certainly primarily due to your enthusiasm, knowledgeable/informative talks, and positive attitude.' - Shane Kruse, Washington, USA 


'Thank you for the QA-workshop and the O2k-course in Schrocken. This experience was very useful for me and I enjoyed it very much.' - Zuzana Sumbalova,  Bratislava Slovakia


'Thank you very much for the kind invitation and opportunity to participate in the QA workshop/course. I learnt a lot and immensely enjoyed the whole experience.' - Shilpa Iyer, Charlottsville, USA


'I just wanted to say once again how wonderful the course was. I am looking forward to starting experiments in the New Year, and I will keep you posted regarding our fatty acid protocols. Hopefully we can create a 'fatty acid substrate' protocol that will become standard and reproducible for everyone.' - Graham Holloway, Guelph, Canada


'It was a great opportunity for me to learn HRR method as well as to meet a lot of wonderfull people working on the field of mitochondrial physiology.' - Joanna Góralska, Krakow, Poland


'We would like to thank you again for the pleasant and fruitful course on high resolution respirometry.' - Madhusudanarao Vuda, Bern, Switzerland

IOC54 - Lecturers and Tutors

OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS, Austria; and Med. Univ. Innsbruck, Dept. General Transplant Surgery, D. Swarovski Research Lab., Innsbruck, Austria


We continue our tradition of inviting international, experienced tutors from MiPNet Reference LaboratoriesThe extended team of international tutors makes it possible to extend the number of participants.

IOC54 - Participants







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